Keep your eyes on the road
How it works
HUDWAY Cast is a portable heads-up display you can use in any vehicle. It sits on the dash and wirelessly mirrors smartphone screen in front of your eyes. This is how you can view directions and keep your eyes on the road at the same time.

The best thing is that you can still control basic phone functions on the smartphone — say, quickly manage calls, switch tracks, or share location while seeing directions on the HUD. We designed our HUDWAY Cast app to make it possible!

Splitting it to keep you focused
When you're using HUDWAY navigation, you will always see the directions displayed on the heads-up display, no matter what you're doing in the app on your smartphone. That is to say, you can handle calls or switch tracks and still see the navigation streamed on the lens.
Quickly view and manage the most basic things like recent phone calls, smart navigation suggestions, location search, music, and your favorite widgets.
Enter the destination and use HUDWAY navigation to guide you — with offline maps, traffic info and crisp uncluttered route view.
Accept calls like you're used to — using your headset, car speakers, or your smartphone. Use swipes to accept or dismiss a call. Make calls choosing from the list of favorites or recent calls — in a less distracting, hands-free way.
Manage your music library or streaming services like Spotify by quick swipes and taps in our driving-friendly UI. You will still see your directions on HUDWAY Cast screen.
Download HUDWAY Cast app:
Any smartphone, any app
HUDWAY Cast wirelessly connects to any smartphone.

Launch a navigation app on your smartphone, select to stream it to HUDWAY Cast — et voilà — enjoy driving with your directions projected in your line of sight. Waze, Google Maps, Sygic, HUDWAY, Baidu, HERE — yes to all these navigation apps and more!