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What is HUDWAY Drive?
It's a portable heads-up display (HUD) unit that operates as a windshield projector and uses Bluetooth to wirelessly bring information, notifications, or screen contents from the smartphone to your line of sight. This is how you can view the information without lowering your eyes to your smartphone or instrument cluster.
How does it work?
It displays the information received from external sources — a smartphone, or a vehicle.

It has a Bluetooth receiver to wirelessly connect to your smartphone and vehicle*, and a projector that renders a full color virtual image, well visible day and night.

*An external OBD-II Bluetooth scanner is needed for this.
What can I see on the HUD?
  • GPS navigation in a simplified way.
  • Name of the contact calling
  • Played track title and artist name
  • Notifications from 11 messengers (see full list of supported messengers here).
  • Your car data (learn how to do it here)
How does it help reduce distracted driving?
You don't need to look anywhere for the information you need — it's all in front of you eyes, on the windshield projector. We designed HUD graphics in a specific way, so that you read it quickly and can keep focused on the road.
How is it different from HUDWAY Cast (HUDWAY's previous similar product)?
HUDWAY Drive is a more advanced version of a portable HUD if compared to HUDWAY Cast. It has overcome most of the issues that existed in our earlier HUD devices, and we've been working hard to make it truly a head-up display for everyday commute.

The key differences are:

Improved connectivity:
HUDWAY Drive connects to the smartphone via regular Bluetooth, which is why you once you have paired the two once, every next time HUDWAY Drive will connect to your smartphone automaticaly, even when the latter stays in your pocket.

  • Slimmer design:
HUDWAY Drive uses an extra slim and flexible mount which follows the curves of your dash and looks integral to the vehicle interior. And — it now fits in the vehicles where there's very little space between the dash and the windshield (see where it won't fit in).

  • Power-in mount:
The power cable plugs in the mount not in the device, which is why you only need to deal with the cables once. Every next time, you can take the device off the mount and slide it back in without fumbling with the cables.

  • Video input:
If you have additional cameras in your vehicle, you can connect it to the HUDWAY Drive via its CVBS video input port (the cable is enclosed). Here's how you can integrate a night vision camera or a rear view camera with the HUD device.

  • More widgets, more fine-tuning, more to select from.
HUDWAY Cast would let you see a few trip info widgets, navigation, and incoming calls. There's more in HUDWAY Drive. And the best thing is, you don't need to switch between the views. Instead, have it all in one place, displayed when you need it.
How is it different from other portable HUD solutions?
HUDWAY Drive is compatible with the vast majority of vehicles, applications, and smartphones. It doesn't limit the user to a proprietary navigation engine, or in any other way restricts the usage scenarios — instead, it allows bringing any app to HUD over screencasting.

A detailed overview of how it's different from HUD projectors released by Navdy, Carrobot, Garmin HUD, or Kivic HUD is coming soon.
Will it work without a smartphone?
No, HUDWAY Drive will not work without a smartphone.

It requires a smartphone running iOS 10 or later or Android 6 or later to operate.

HUDWAY Drive has no bulit-in GPS chip, which is why all GPS data for speed and directions must come either from a connected smartphone, or from an OBD II Bluetooth scanner*.

*Needs to be purchased separately.
Will it work in my car?
HUDWAY Drive needs to be mounted on the dash in front of driver's eyes otherwise the driver will be unable to see the projection.

Make sure there's enough space between the dash and windshield, and there is a cigarette lighter receptacle available to plug in the power cable.

Learn how to make sure it will fit in
Where do you ship from? Will I need to pay customs duties?
To US customers we ship from a US warehouse (Utah). US customers don't pay customs duties.

To the rest of the world we ship from a EU warehouse (Latvia). EU customers don't pay customs duties. All other customers customers may be subject to import duties.

We recommend that you check with your customs what duties you will have to pay, and whether this is agreeable to you.

Please note that we do not mark orders as gifts or samples, nor do we reimburse any duties and fees you may have to pay to get the device.
I've placed an order. How do I track it?
When your order is shipped and we receive the tracking info from the carrier, we will email you the tracking code so that you can check the shipping status online.

EU orders are most probably shipped by DHL, US orders — by USPS or Fedex, whereas for the rest of the world the carriers may vary. That's why, we like to track shippings on 17track.net — they're pretty good at automatically detecting the carrier.
Is my payment information secure?
On our online store, we're using BigCommerce and PayPal to process payments.

Both are widely used as secure and reliable payment processing systems. Say, Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available. Payment information is transmitted using SSL encryption.

And we bet you already know that PayPal is :)
What is the warranty & refund policy for the device?
Hudway warrants that the included hardware product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of delivery.
Hudway may address valid claims under this warranty by, at its sole option, repairing, replacing (with a new or refurbished product), or refunding the purchase price for the product.

Learn more about warranty, returns & refunds in our Help Centre.