Keep your eyes on the road

Hardware and software solutions to enhance driving safety and comfort while staying connected behind the wheel
SAVE $100!
We at HUDWAY work to change how drivers use a smartphone behind the wheel so that it becomes a navigation-purposed device, instead of being a cause of distraction

Our products

A portable head-up display for everyday commute to stay connected with phone calls, messages, GPS navigation and apps notifications.
Keep all widgets on your windshield
Avoid the fine – stay in touch with no phone touch
The best ADAS solution for people with hearing loss
One-time quick setup: connects via bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Our history

Meet our team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and
to make our clients happy
Ivan Klabukov
CEO, co-founder
Software R&D
Alex Ostanin
CTO, co-founder
Hardware R&D
Kate Juravleva
Head of Business Development, China
Victoria Kotova
Business Development Officer, USA
+ 27 teammates in China, Germany, Latvia, Canada, Russia, and the US

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