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The best head-up display for your car
Keep Focused. Stay Aware.
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Keep your eyes on the road
not on your smartphone
Projection comfortably visible day & night thanks to ambient light sensor
Your phone stays out of your hands, and you're not distracted with it
For everyday commute
Looks native on your dashboard
and it's slimmest portable HUD on the market
One-time quick setup
As easy as connecting your earphones to your smartphone
Keeps you connected
in a less-distracting way
Directions, calls, texts and notifications brought to HUD over Bluetooth — while your phone stays in your pocket
Works with your favorite apps
Google Maps, Waze, or any other app you want to use behind the wheel — mirrored over AirPlay or Miracast.
Power in mount
A versatile fit-all mount merges the device with your dash
The power cable runs straight to the mount, not to the device.

The cable is neatly tuck in between the windshield and the dash
Flexible flaps adjust to the dash curves

Strong adhesive fixes the device firmly. No traces left.
Magnet lock secures the device on the mount

Easy to take off the device when you leave the car and place it back
Get an app on your smartphone (iOS/Android)
Set up once. Use daily.
Pair it with your smartphone over BLE when you first install it
Every next time the two will connect automatically
Stay informed with notifications
Get phone calls, messages and other notifications from your phone projected through your windshield (HUD) — no extra action is needed. Just sit in the car with your smartphone in the pocket. It just works!
GPS Navigation with Maps and Directions
Find places in the app and Start Navigation. Get handy directions in front of your eyes. Listen to Voice Assistant to don't miss a thing. Powered by MapBox.
Audio integration
— Voice hints on your smartphone or through your car media system
— Receive hands- and distraction-free phone calls
Driving widgets
Customize your driving experience with dashboard widgets. Select what you want to see on your head-up display and leave out all the rest.
Add-ons to increase awareness
HUDWAY Drive has a video input port (CVBS), so you can integrate any 3rd party video devices/sources. As video signal comes to the device — you see this video stream automatically.
Available add-ons by HUDWAY
These devices will be available later to purchase in 2019
Night vision thermal camera to see objects in low visibility conditions
Rear view camera to help you park. Will switch automatically when on rear gear parking
Side view cameras to control blind spots when turning or overtaking
FAQ & support
Can I use it in daytime? Are there any tips for better reflection visibillity?
You can use HUDWAY Glass in any time of the day and visibility — its reflection rate allows to get a good reflection even on a clear day. When it's dark outside, decrease your smartphone brightness to avoid the second reflection on the windshield.

A few tips to get better reflection visibility in daytime:
— Adjusting glass angle (the best reflection image is obtained at 53°)
— Augmenting phone screen brightness
— Opting for green UI elements (like in HUDWAY, Sygic and Navmii apps.
Can I use it with my phone?
If your smartphone dimensions are within 158 x 77 mm (6.2 x 3.1 inches), HUDWAY Glass can be used with it.
How does it attach to the dashboard
The Glass has two mounts — a large one with a bendable base, and a slim one. Choose which one fits dashboard better, peel off the film, and stick the mount to the dashboard. Place the cradle on top of the mount and slide it until it snaps in place.

We use jelly-glue adhesives that are reusable and leave no traces when they're removed.
Whats apps can I use with HUDWAY Glass? Can I use Waze or Google Maps?
To get the right reflection image, the screen image must be reversed. Unfortunately, neither Google Maps, nor Waze apps offer this feature. Search the app store for your phone by keyword "HUD" to find compatible apps, or start with these:

Offline navigation, maps and traffic

HUD Widgets
Trip info, clock, and other handy tools for driving

Speed cameras and speed limit warnings

GPS navigation, maps, traffic, speed cameras

Navmii GPS
Offline navigation, maps and traffic
I have a problem with the product. Where do i report it?
Please accept our apologies if anything went wrong, or there was some defect in the product.
Please contact us at support@hudwayapp.com. We'll try our best to help you.
Contact customer support
What's in the box
4" (10 cm)
6.3" (16 cm)
7.3" (18.5 cm)
Aux to RCA Cable
USB to Micro B Cable
Cable clips
Cigarette Cable
Tech specs
1.8" TF LCD / 480x240 px / 17,000 nits direct backlit BLU
Input power
Operating t.
View distance: 8.2 ft (2.5m) / Virt. image size: 10.3" / FOV: 7(V) 4.5(V)
WiFi for screen mirroring / BT Classic for audio / BLE for data
Ambient light
ARM Cortex-A7 Quad
DRAM: 2Gb / eMMC: 8Gb
DC 5V ~ 17V(1&5A)
-20 ~ 60C
Video input
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