HUDWAY Drive is the heads-up display built upon the feedback from real drivers

To help you learn more about the Drive and see if this is what you've been looking for, we've asked our community to share their experience with the Drive — and added a few reviews made by the media. Enjoy!

Photos taken by the drivers


HUDWAY Drive app and device reviewed by BigRigSteve, a truck driver who shares his daily routine and road experiences.
The Gentleman Racer
HUDWAY Drive review and comparison to the Cadillac's built-in heads-up display. Pros and cons of the Drive.
Alex Ostanin
HUDWAY CTO installs the Drive in a Ford Mustang S197 and shows it in action, including side and rear camera operation.
AutoFun | Installation
Installation of the Drive in a Toyota Corolla E210, how it looks in the cabin, and an overview of its key features.
AutoFun | Will it fit?
The Drive dimensions and how it fits in the dash, how to mount it on a curved or narrow dashboard.
AutoFun | Settings
HUDWAY Drive app review: how to pair, HUD views, notifications, navigation, screen mirroring, advanced settings.
AutoFun | Cameras
A review of the rear and side view cameras set for HUDWAY Drive: what's included, how to install it, and a test drive experience.
AutoFun | OBD-II
OBD-II adapter installation, new features of the HUD, a test drive with new widgets.
Frakking Creations | HUD
A complete overview of all HUDWAY Drive features. Installation, driving, pros and cons.
Frakking Creations | Cams
Review of the camera set for HUDWAY Drive. Installation and wiring, review of rear and side cameras, overall impression.
Unpacking the HUDWAY Drive and installing it on the dashboard of 2023 Kia Sportage.


  • Michael Satterfield
    Founder/Editor at The Gentleman Racer
    If you are looking to add some new technology to an older car, HUDWAY Drive actually does it pretty well.

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  • Brian Nadel
    Contributor at Tom's Guide
    By combining the best parts of on-board diagnostics and your phone with a projector, the HUDWAY Drive can show what’s going on inside your car without your eyes leaving the road. In short, it has everything you would expect from an in-car HUD and so much more.

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  • Ronan Glon
    Contributor at Digital Trends
    The HUDWAY Drive head-up display brings 21st-century tech to any type of car — by adding state-of-the-art connectivity features to nearly every type of car regardless of make, model, or year.

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  • Bill Roberson
    Contributor at Forbes
    HUDWAY Drive is an excellent way to add this useful tech to your vehicle. It works and well at that, and it's admittedly fun to use.

    Distracted driving is a serious problem, and if a heads-up display makes me less distracted while driving, I'm sure it would work well for you and others.

    Highly recommended.

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Community feedback

Cynthia H / The US

I love the navigation and the OBD connection is great. The only issue I have had deals with the mounting of the Drive.
I am following up on my use of HUDWAY Drive. I have finally had a chance to install and use it for a couple of weeks. It does work awesome! I love the navigation and the OBD connection is great. The only issue I have had deals with the mounting of the Drive.

First, more detailed instructions would be very helpful!

Second, my dash slopes up towards the steering wheel. I could not find a placement of the mount where I didn't lose part of the screen view due to the angle of the slope. An include optional wedge for the mount would be helpful!

Just some thoughts! Overall VERY pleased with the product!

Ivan R / Bulgaria

The brightness of the HUDWAY Drive is perfect during daytime.
I've seen reviews where people say that the brightness is not enough during daytime compared to factory installed HUD. This could be right compared to some ultra-bright HUDs but the brightness of the HUDWAY Drive is perfect during daytime. Also I really like that the lens is a bit yellowish – usually the yellow color is easier on the eyes. Even my dioptric glasses have a "driver" tint which is yellow. Thus this tint would soften any blue light coming from the HUDWAY Drive's display and then night driving would be easier on the eye.

The HUD doesn't obstruct my vision – I was thinking it would, but it doesn't, which is truly great.

Michael C / The US

It is super easy to use. The ability to customize is great.
I just wanted to leave some feedback on my HUDWAY Drive now that I have spent about a month with it. Let me first say I think this is a fantastic 3rd party HUD. It is super easy to use. The ability to customize is great. Really crisp, bright display. I think the only change I would make is to add the ability to rotate it slightly in the base. This would account for slightly different seating positions, or a slightly off mounting allowing the image to always be centered on the screen regardless of your sight line. I really do enjoy this device, and being able to see everything pop up on the screen is a real godsend while driving. Great job by the entire team there. Thanks!

Michael W / Poland

Generally well thought and good quality device.
I just wanted to share my feedback.

1. Display is clear day and night and looks really nice
2. From HW perspective I'm very satisfied
3. Generally well thought and good quality device
4. OBD is a must-have option

1. Reflective glass vibrates occasionally
2. Adaptive brightness could be improved a bit – need less brightness at night and more brightness during the day

Mike O / The UK

This is exactly the sort of Kickstarter/Indiegogo project I love to support.
I eventually got around to fitting my two HUDWAY Drives to my two cars.

I'm really pleased – you have solved the problems I found with the last model. I now put my phone in the charger, switch on the ignition and almost immediately the HUDWAY Drive connects to my iPhone (XS Max) and works – just like that.

I have not connected the audio cable, but the my phone connects to my stereos (the two cars are a 2016 Škoda Superb and a 2006 Audi A4 2.0Tdi Convertible with an aftermarket Pioneer stereo) and I therefore get turn commands through the stereo, overriding the music playing from the phone. Really pleased.

Slight niggle – one. My Škoda is hardwired from a power take off from the back of the cigar lighter (same on the Audi). On the Audi, this power supply is a switched supply – on the Škoda it is always live. This means I have to remember to disconnect the HUDWAY when I switch off the ignition in the Škoda, to avoid the battery draining. If the HUDWAY software (or firmware) could automatically power the unit down if it's in the same place for more than say – 10 minutes – and then reactivate when the phone detected movement, it would solve this problem. What are your thoughts?

Second problem. I have two separate HUDWAY devices, one on each car. I use both of these cars regularly. At present, it appears that I have to go into the app and disconnect from one before getting into the other car. It would be a lot easier if you were able to get the app to pair with and look for more than one unit – and connect to it when it finds it.

This doesn't take anything away from your team that has produced a great device – I have been one of your sponsors from the start and I'm now seeing the fruits of your continual drive to perfect this system. This is exactly the sort of Kickstarter/Indiegogo project I love to support – and I really appreciate the efforts you have made (and continue to make).

Juan J G / Luxembourg

I find it especially useful on longer trips.
The unit works fantastic! It is an invaluable tool, especially when travelling long distances. I find it a little difficult to set it up initially. This is, find the appropriate place for the unit, including adjusting the size of the projected screen. On the other hand, once you have it installed, it works like a charm. As I said before, I find it especially useful on longer trips. It helps a lot. I was able to integrate it with my car, so I can also use the touch screen to control the phone. When I plug the unit to the car via USB, the car reports that it has found a device, but I am not able to connect or to control it. It does not matter, when I connect the phone I get CarPlay control over the phone and the information on the HUD, which is perfectly fine.

Sean M / Canada

Very impressive at spotting wildlife.
Been testing out the thermal camera, and It has been very impressive at spotting wildlife.

If you live out in the country and drive long distances, especially at night, this is a great addition.

Dylon E / The US

I've compared it with the speed detection devices used by law enforcement and have found the OBD-II estimate very accurate.
I just received my HUDWAY Drive and it's a very nice device, thank you.

I have an OBD-II reader that lets me view my vehicle speed per the respective sensors. I've compared it with the speed detection devices used by law enforcement and have found the OBD-II estimate very accurate. My vehicle's speedometer reads about 5 MPH faster than I'm actually traveling and GPS estimates are often 3-5 MPH slower than I'm actually traveling. I only trust the OBD-II sensor data since it is reading directly from my vehicle with wheel diameter taken into account. GPS estimates are only okay when you don't have a way to obtain more accurate readings. I'd likely get a speeding ticket if I relied on GPS estimates.

Fabio R / Brazil

Loving every trip…
Thank you for this fantastic HUD device! Loving every trip…

I’m sure all new devices have its initial troubleshooting – no news here – and also confident that you guys have all eyes on solving it.

Well, there comes my suggestions:
  • Time is not set properly (one hour advanced);
  • Rear (back) camera is defocused;
  • My original FixD OBDII not working with HUDWAY – using the one you guys sent me;
  • Navigation is a little bit imprecise (one of the test I did sent me into a loop – could not understand the final destination.
But of course, everything else was such pleasant to absorb – one’s aviation fellows that understood the benefits of HUD devices could check HUDWAY all the way on theirs destination.

Hope this helped.

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