Head-mounted display for any helmet

A head-up display kit that clips to a helmet you already have

Open SDK
for 3rd party app
Lens and projector
Universal attachments
to fit any helmet

Breakthrough technology
for your every ride

Projection always in your focus
wherever you're looking
Perfect full-color image
in any visibility conditions
Miniature & versatile design
Ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment
Connects wirelessly to your smartphone and brings any app to HUD lens
Up to 10 hours battery life
Works with Bluetooth headsets
Voice controllable
Simple to set up and use

Tailored to your activities

Anything that is on your smartphone screen can be transmitted to the heads-up display. Whatever you need — if there's an app for that, you'll be able to see it on the HUD lens.

Integration options

Night vision camera
Rearview camera
Connect your other devices to HUDWAY Sight — a Bluetooth headset, a distance meter, an AR set, a rearview or nightvision camera — and further expand its use cases

Why HUD is so useful?

HUD technology address what matters most when you're navigating — your focus and concentration on the real world around you. Heads-up display solutions bring the needed information to your line of sight — so that you can keep your eyes on the road ahead.
HUDWAY Sight is currently under development as a B2B solution.
Contact us to learn more and discuss how it can serve your business.
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