Speedometer by HUDWAY

An app that knows speed limitations for particular road segments and alerts on them in a driving-friendly way.


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Helps avoid speeding tickets

Knows current speed limitation — both within cities and on highways.
Alerts on speed limits, as well as on speed cameras and radars.

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Doesn't require much attention

Designed to be comfortably used without direct focus on it.
Your peripheral sight will be enough to keep you aware.

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Perfectly works in the background

Tracks your speed and gives sound alerts when you're exceeding,
even when you're using some other app (for example, some navigation one).

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Works offline

Doesn't need Internet connection to work. Needs Internet only at first launch.

Use it in regular or HUD mode

HUD mode allows using your smartphone or tablet as a projector. Just place your device close to the windshield, and the screen image will get reflected and displayed on the windshield. Keep your eyes on the road — everything you need is displayed right in front of you!