The app for less-distracting navigation. Made for drivers by drivers.

Keeps smartphone navigation basic, smart, and intuitive: displays the live view of the route you're driving and alerts you on the upcoming manoeuvres. Easy to perceive, helpful in the most complicated intersections.

Beautiful navigation
that works globally

Intuitive & minimalist route view
Enjoy a live 3D view of the route directing you on every important manoeuvre, so that you always know in advance which exit to take.
UI designed for navigation
Focus solely on navigation — and only view things that are important while you're driving, like places of interest, or what's around your start and destination points.
Voice directions & speed alerts
HUDWAY Go will keep track on the upcoming manoeuvres and speed limitations for the current road segment — and alert you when you need to take a turn, or driving too fast.

All your driving stats as you go and then some

Realtime trip info at a glance
As you drive, view your current and average speed, ETA and driving time, distance traveled and left.
Driving behavior analysis
The app monitors how you accelerate, brake, turn — and gives you a summary of your driving behavior after each trip.
Trip economy
Learn how much fuel and money a trip will cost you before you even start it. Keep track of monthly expenses for the trips you make with the app.

Keep your eyes on the road with heads-up display mode

Switch the app to HUD mode and place your smartphone on the dash so that you see the directions reflected off the windshield. Instrumental in low visibility conditions when diverting attention from the road ahead is dangerous and stressful.