Choosing the Right HUDWAY Drive: Pro vs. Lite Differences

1 min read
We're not big fans of price increases, but the reality of higher production and shipping costs has caught up with us. In response, we've introduced the HUDWAY Drive Lite — an alternative that keeps things affordable without skimping on the essential features you need.

We came to this when we realized that only 20% of our users really use the camera support feature. So, we crafted a version specifically for those who need their HUDWAY Drive to primarily function as a smart dashboard.

Meet the HUDWAY Drive Lite: This version retains all the essential features of the HUDWAY Drive at a more budget-friendly price. It's perfect for users who prioritize straightforward functionality and value.

HUDWAY Drive Pro Continues to Offer Camera Connectivity: The Pro version remains available for those requiring camera support, equipped with the necessary features to ensure a comprehensive driving experience.