The app for less-distracting navigation. Made for drivers by drivers.

Keeps smartphone navigation basic, smart, and intuitive: displays the live view of the route you’re driving and alerts you on the upcoming manoeuvres. Easy to perceive, helpful in the most complicated intersections.


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Beautiful navigation

Enjoy a neat 3D view of the route directing you on every important manoeuvre, so that you always know in advance which exit to take.

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Truly driving-friendly

Focus solely on navigation with our decluttered contrasting interface — and only view things that are important while you’re driving, like places of interest, or what’s around your start and destination points.

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Live route and map view

Change between live route and regular map view — and check on the opportunities each option offers.

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Realtime trip info at a glance

View your current and average speed, ETA and driving time, distance traveled and left, and the directions on the next manoeuvre.

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Trip economy

Enter your basic vehicle specs to learn how much fuel and money a trip will cost you before you even start it. Keep track of monthly expenses for the trips you make with the app.

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Score points for every ride you take

The more you drive with HUDWAY Go, the more mile points you earn. Keep collecting them to unlock Premium features and get ready for a range of gifts coming soon.

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Heads-up display mode

Keep your eyes on the road with directions reflected off your car windshield — with HUDWAY Go you can try HUD experience in your vehicle at no extra charge.

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Driving behavior analysis

The app will monitor how you accelerate, brake, turn — and give you a summary of your driving behavior after each trip. Check how safely and eco-friendly you drive and view your trip stats and personal records.

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Works globally

Use it in any country of the world — the map data comes from OpenStreetMap, edited and updated by millions of contributors.

Regular or HUD mode

Use it as a regular navigator

  1. Mount your phone securely anywhere in your car
  2. Launch the app and create a route to drive.
  3. Drive safely!*

Try it as a heads-up display

  1. Launch the app and create a route
  2. Switch on HUD mode with a couple of taps
  3. Place your phone on the dash close to the windshield — and here you go with a heads-up display that costs you nothing extra**.

* Make sure your smartphone doesn’t block your view and you can comfortably see it without diverting much attention from the road — we’d recommend that you mount it above the air vent near the steering wheel.

** We recommend that you use a sort of sticky dash pad or anything else to prevent your phone from sliding around the dash.

Works perfectly with our devices


A head-up display for your smartphone to follow directions, receive calls and messages, and control your music in a safer and less-distracting way while behind the wheel.

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A simple vehicle accessory with a see-through tinted lens that reflects smartphone screen and brings navigation in your line of sight. Particularly helpful in low visibility conditions.

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