HUD Widgets

A handy collection of widgets you will want to use while behind the wheel

Designed as an alternative — or an upgrade — for your vehicle dash and offers a variety of speedometers and other trip info widgets for you to conveniently have everything needed at a glance.


Select from a set of nicely designed speedometers: fine retro and classic Cadillac styles, or bold digital speedos well visible even by your peripheral sight.
Trip info
Check your fuel consumption and trip cost as you drive, learn your driving style stats and eco score, or view all your basic trip data at once.
Land meter & Gyro Horizon
View the angle of your vehicle slope or tilt — pitching and rolling. Or switch to a gyro horizon and enjoy feeling like a fighter jet pilot.
Clock, weather, compass, radio, and more
Listen to dozens of online radio stations globally, view time and weather, or navigate using a compass — whatever you need behind the wheel, there’s a widget for it :)

All widgets work in regular and HUD mode

Place your phone where you can comfortably see its screen without diverting much attention from the road — or put it on the dash close under the windshield to see its reflection* and use widgets in HUD mode.

*In daytime, smartphone screen brightness may be insufficient to give a decent reflection for HUD mode. Also, the reflection may appear doubled because of the multilayered nature of the windshield.