Production Updates
August 5, 2021

1. Regular HUDWAY Drives:

We keep shipping out the devices to those who agreed to receive them with the existing mount adhesive.

In the meantime, we're finishing the production of the new mounts and starting to reassemble the devices.

The factory is planning to complete it within next week, and on the third week of August everyone who placed an order for HUDWAY Drive on or before February 13, 2020 shall receive the trackings for their orders.

2. New batch of HUDWAY Drives:

We have tested the samples of the PCBs received from the new manufacturer — and aside from being much more expensive than those wasted because of Kivic's non-performance, they're good to go.

We're now awaiting the final quote and production timing from the PCB manufacturer.

In the meantime, we've been searching for a new TFT display supplier (as the displays were also sourced from Kivic).

We've tested a few samples from a range of suppliers, but none of these would fit in the existing configuration of the Drive body and its other electronic components.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago we managed to get in touch with the company who we think supplied the displays to Kivic — and are negotiating with them to understand which will be faster: sourcing the displays from them, or moving forward with the already tested display samples from other manufacturers to have them customized to our needs.

All in all, until we get any new updates from the manufacturers, I'm still targeting October as the new batch shipping month.

3. HUDWAY Drive for Tesla Model 3 and Y

We've confirmed the design and have sent it to the manufacturer to receive the quote and production timing.

The news is, we're adding an extra OBD-II kit to every order.

Just like an OBD-II scanner that goes with the regular HUDWAY Drive version, this kit will bring your Tesla data to the HUDWAY Drive — things like whether your Tesla blinker is on or off, what is the current speed limitation, how much range you have remained, or whether there is a car in your blind spot.

Next week, we'll be doing extensive live tests, and shortly after that will share more details, including photos, videos and explanations of how it's gonna work.

The nuance is that the connectors in the kit will be model-specific. That's why we're sending out a short survey for those who ordered a HUDWAY Drive for Tesla Model 3 &Y — so that we equip every order with the right kit.

If you haven't received your email with the survey, please complete it by the link.
June 23, 2021

1. Shipping continues
Around the end of May, when we just started shipping out the devices, the first customers who were the quickest to receive them reported to us that the mount flaps won't stay attached to the dash.

This could be helped if you bend the flaps to the dash shape before sticking it. We then stopped shipping, and sent out a newsletter explaining this problem and asking the customers whether they prefer to try the device as is (with the possibility of receiving a replacement mount later), or they'll allow us about a month more to remake the adhesive, remake the mounts, and repack the items.

During this and next week we will continue shipping out the "as is" orders.

2. New mounts
We've received and tested the samples with finer aluminum frame, and a new primer. Unlike the previous version, it sticks much easier to the curved dashes and the flaps stay in place. We've given it a couple of days to stay on the dash under the sun —and everything was OK. We're now making the updated mounts, and are planning to receive them within a month. Then the rest of the batch will be shipped.

If you've changed your mind and want to receive your HUDWAY Drive the soonest, please drop us a line at

3. New batch and shipping of all the pending orders
This week we're confirming with the manufacturer the lewd times for all the components for the PCB. In a couple of days our engineers will also receive a sample of the display we're planning to use in the new batch and will test it for brightness and compatibility with our other components.

Next week, we're also planning to receive in China the first 10 prototypes of the PCBs. They will then travel to our Riga lab — there, we'll upload the firmware to them and will test them, too.

Also around the second week of July, we will know the timeline for the new batch. At the moment, the manufacturers give only very cautious estimates of October — mostly, because we haven't finalized the list of PCB components yet.
May 13, 2021
1. The first large batch of devices is leaving the factory shortly, and by the end of May everyone on Indiegogo shall receive tracking information to their emails.

In the US, we've partnered with a new 3PL partner who will handle the dispatching of the goods across the States. All other orders will be shipped from Riga, and everything is set up there, too.

Depending on the destination, shipping will take from 1 to 7 days. All orders are shipped with trusted carriers, like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS, and are fully trackable till the delivery.

2. Regarding the new batch, we're done with the engineering of the PCBs — and if this says anything to you, we now have all the Gerber files and complete bill of materials (in simple words, all we need to know and order to produce the PCBs) for the new PCBs.

We're yet to receive the quotes from the PCB manufacturer we've partnered with, as to how much the new PCBs will cost us, but looks like it's going to be significantly more expensive than those we ordered fron Kivic. Anyway, this won't stop us from launching the manufacturing, as there's simply no other way to move forward.

At the moment, we're waiting for the first dozen of the PCB prototypes, which we will then test with our current firmware, and upon approval, launch the manufacturing. For all other components production, we will keep working with our existing partners, and we don't expect any meaningful changes in this part of the supply chain.

3. As for our legal proceedings with Kivic, we haven't progressed much — the process promises to be very long, and the outcome is still unclear.

4. We keep receiving inquiries from distributors in the US, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Korea and Australia willing to sell our devices — as well as from those willing to adapt them to their existing needs. That's why, we keep working hard to get the new batch as soon as possible not to let this interest fade.
February 4, 2021
1. Most part of the first batch of HUDWAY Drive devices is assembled. We're now waiting for the certification lab in China to issue an FCC certificate (a mandatory procedure for the products containing radioelectronic components).

But they're already closing for Chinese New Year holidays and it is unlikely that we get the certificate before the holidays are over.

That's why, all pending orders for Indiegogo customers, and most orders placed on HUDWAY Store (up until February 13, 2020) will be fulfilled within March.

2. We've begun working on the new PCBs with a trusted partner who we know from other projects. At the moment, it's too early to share any timeline, but we greatly hope to resume shipping in summer.

3. Chinese New Year holidays are starting next week in China.
Practically everything shuts down as the employees from various industries travel home to reunite with their families.
By our previous experience, we know that this period spans all over February — so there'll be little production-related news before March.
January 16, 2021
1. We are finishing the manufacturing of the first batch of HUDWAY Drive devices. At the very end of January we will start shipping it. All pending orders for Indiegogo customers, and most orders placed on HUDWAY Store (up until February 13, 2020) will be fulfilled.

2. For all other pending orders, we have no exact ETA at the moment. And here's why.

One of our key production partners, a Korean company called Kivic, Inc. seems to have gone out of business. They owe us a batch of 4,000 PCB units and TFT displays for HUDWAY Drive, which we paid for. This was our second order with them, and the first one was delivered timely, with great customer service and support.

Earlier in 2020, they confirmed that the second order was manufactured and will be delivered to our assembly partner facility by the beginning of delivery.

In October, their CEO warned us that he won't be available for a few weeks because of heart surgery he had to undergo. Ever since, our continued efforts to reach out to them either by phone, email, visiting their office, or through their ex-employees failed.

We have received a few insights that the company has accumulated large debts and has failed to fulfill their responsibilities with a number of other customers, too. And that Kivic employees have not been receiving their salary for a few months. Which, to some extent, explains why no one answered us.

We're now initiating a legal pursuit. However, we would still be open for a peaceful resolution with Kivic and find a way to receive the components if they were manufactured, as it may take us up to a few months to reproduce them from scratch.

This is why we cannot tell when we will ship all the remaining orders.

We're sure that HUDWAY Drive is a great product, and those our partners to whom we have shown the samples, confirm it.

And with Kivic components or not, we're moving forward. We have initiated these components reproduction already, and we will keep you updated on its progress — and on our investigation about Kivic.

If you have any information about Kivic, please email us at Any bit may help.

Thank you!
December 16, 2020
1. We've completed combiners milling and sent the batch of finished combiners to quality control.

Every combiner in the batch has been manually checked twice — first, to make sure there are no defects in the lens and the coating. The samples having even minor issues were removed. And second — against image distortions.

2. Next week the combiners will arrive at the assembly facility.

The first week at the assembly unit will be a sort of set-up week. The assembly line personnel will learn to actually assemble and pack the product — this happens with every new product at every assembling facility. By the beginning of the second week, they will work out a steady optimised process — and this is when we plan to get the first meaningful output of HUDWAY Drive devices.

3. Next week we will be sending out a survey to you to confirm the shipping details with the customers in the first batch of orders.

4. We plan to start shipping in January.
November 13, 2020
1. The mass production of combiners is in progress — and we're sending the batches of ready samples to the coating factory.

At the coating factory, the combiners will undergo ultrasonic cleaning to remove the grease or dust on their surface. Each lens is taken through 8 cleaning baths.

Then the combiners will be coated using the vacuum metalizing process, and then milled — to remove the handlers, the runners and refine the lens edges. After that goes QA, and the samples that pass it are sent to the assembly facility.

2. On the software side, we added new widgets to be visuaised when you receive your car data using OBD-II scanner.
September 29, 2020
We have finally received the samples of the combiners and coating that are just perfect. It's very transparent, has very slight tint, no image doubling, no ghost images, no distortions. We will be using it for mass production — it is confirmed.

It took us two months to finally get the quality of combiners we were seeking for. Since July, when we found image doubling issues, we've been working with the lens manufacturer and two coating factories to fix it.

And here's how updated schedule looks.

1. Now through the last week of October — we make combiners.

2. Last week of October through mid November — we apply coating to the combiners, do the milling and send them for assembly.

3. Mid November through mid December — assembly, packing, and shipping.
July 9, 2020
1. The quality control unit reported that they detected a number of cases of image doubling in the lenses.

This has been the issue that the lens manufacturer was struggling to resolve at the beginning of June. The test samples received at that time were good and the factory launched the mass production.

We have to recall the batch, get the issue fixed with the lens manufacturer, and have the results confirmed on a larger batch of samples. Until then, the assembly line will not be started.

2. We did some tests with a HUDWAY Drive sample (a pre-mass production one), to confirn it will withstand high temperatures (like when left at the parking lot on a hot day).

We heated it at 195° F (90° C) while switched on. It kept working for half an hour, then switched off. We then let it cooled down and tried switching it on — it kept working.

3. Due to the double image issue in the combiners, the shipping is unlikely to start before September.
May 28, 2020
1. We've resolved the logistics issues that hindered prototype assessment and confirmed that plastic parts are good for mass production.

2. The lens manufacturer takes another week to fix the milling issues and make sure that we get no double image issues in the mass production.

3. The TFT displays and PCBs are arriving timely.

4. We're planning to start shipping in July.

5. HUDWAY Drive app for Android is ready for use. We're making final touches on the UI and performance — and will release it on Google Play shortly.
March 19, 2020
1. We're launching the first plastic injections for the body parts, and after this final round of tests we will know when exactly we will launch the mass production and assembly.

2. There still may be delays on the way, since some components are yet to be delivered from the manufacturers and these may lag because of quarantine and complicated logistics.

For example, the TFT displays and PCBs are made in Korea, and the factory is quarantined till March 27.

3. Our suppliers give a vote of confidence that the first batch shall be ready by June.
February 25, 2020
1. Our Chinese contractors are resuming operations this week, although not all their personnel has returned to work. China is getting back to life.

2. Our contractors are taking this week to do an audit of their responsibilities and available workforce and will then update us on the production schedule.

After almost 1.5 months of inactivity, we'll be moving forward with the production.

3. We uploaded the first version of HUDWAY Drive app for iOS to the App Store.

4. We submitted the Android version for Google Play review and successfully passed its privacy review — which means that the Android app will, too, display the contact name when you're receiving an incoming call or message.
It's noteworthy that Google's restrictions on that are more severe than Apple's ones.

December 27, 2019
I've spent the month in China meeting with our production partners and personally supervising the testing and assembly of the first samples of the confirmed design for manufacturing. These are still prototypes, but their approval by all the parties means we will change nothing more.

2. Everything works fine, and his week we launched the tooling for the mass production of HUDWAY Drive bodyshells.

3. The factory confirmed they'll produce a test batch of mass production samples at the beginning of January.

4. The PCB manufacturer has uploaded the firmware, assembled the PCBs, tested them, and shipped to our main assembly hub. We've already received them as well as the LCD displays, and all other electronic components.

5. We're unable to produce the whole batch of devices before Chinese New Year holidays. Our contractors confirm that starting the middle of January they will be closed to almost end of February.

6. This means that we will only receive any meaningful output of HUDWAY Drive devices to ship in mid-March.
November 22, 2019
1. We're done with the corrections to the design of plastic parts is over.
The factory have sent us the updated assembly plan, and our industrial engineer and product architect have both confirmed there are no more corrections required.

2. The factory takes a week to update tooling DFM according top the agreed assembly due to the lots of small corrections to the manufacturing design.

The previous version of tooling DFM the factory gave in mid October (the one mentioned in the October update) had some injection gates, ejection pins and parting lines issues which we agrred would be fixed in final DFM.

3. We will then produce and assemble a small batch of samples — these will be made from the same materials we'll use in production and feature all the original electronics.

The factory reports that these will be ready by the second week of December. We will then test them, and provided that everything's fine, give a go to the mass production.

4. The firmware is ready and our devs are sending it to the PCB manufacturer to have it written to the PCBs.

Over the air firmware updates have already been tested — and when you receive your HUDWAY Drive, you will be able to update it to the latest firmware version using HUDWAY Drive app.
October 21, 2019
The night vision cameras are on their way to the warehouse, and we'll start dispatching them next week.
October 2, 2019
1. We're done with the tests of the last HUDWAY Drive prototype and now need to confirm its design for manufacturing.

For that, we send all the materials and models for the tested prototype to the manufacturer and wait about a week until they analyze them and confirm that our design is good for mass production.

2. The modifications in the body design required that we also modify the design of the lens (the part of it attaching to the device body).

This has been finished and tested against vibration issues and image distortions when fixed firmly, and the needed adjustments to the tooling have been made. We've also produced the final lense samples, and after the holidays they'll be polished and sent to the coating factory.

3. Things get busy in China, and it's probable that we will not get the mass output before December.

4. On the software side, the devs confirm that they're almost done with the development and when you get the device it will be able to:

  • Display notifications from the messengers you select
  • Display who's calling or what track you've switched to
  • Receive, process and visualize vehicle data from OBD-II scanner
  • Display simplified directions (arrow-styled) and give voice hints
  • Score your driving behavior and ride history and keep track of it in the app
  • Work with video feed brought from cameras
  • Mirror any other app to your HUDWAY Drive screen
5. This wek, we're preparing to shipping out the cameras (back&sideview sets as well as night vision sets).
September 4, 2019
1. All the cameras (night vision or side view +back up set) will ship within a month from Riga where they are now traveling from China to be QA checked and repacked.

2. We did lots of tests experimenting with the mounting systems of a night vision camera for different vehicle models — and made a durable braket with three strong magnets covered with soft pads not to damage the cabin surface.

It's a portable mounting solution which won't involve drilling or cutting out pieces of the radiator grill.

3. At the beginning of August we've received the production samples of the TFT displays from the vendor where the mounting configuration had been different from the one planned.

We had to make a few more corrections to the design of the front panel innards to compensate for this. This didn't took much time but shifted the new stage of prototyping for a week later, and on the whole was quite an unpleasant discovery.

4. The spring plungers we ordered at the end of July have arrived.

5. We have received all the components for the prototype (pre-final version), as well as the samples of the new PCB board.

We're now starting the new round of tests to confirm the requirements for the mass production. It will take us a week to do all the tests and then we will confirm the schedule with the factory.

6. We're getting into the very busy period of production in China. During our recent discussions, the factory warned us that the production may take up to two months — and a delay till December is possible.
July 26, 2019
1. We've produced a new batch of samples and tested them.

To make sure the design withstands various driving conditions, we tested the samples using the vibration test rig in addition to real-life tests.

2. The tests have shown a few weaknesses in the current design that ask for additional improvements.

The most crucial issue is that even though the slide-in lock securely fixes device on the mount, there still occur situations when the two disconnect and the power supply to the device is lost. In practice, this may lead to inferior performance when driving a bumpy road.

3. Because of this, we had to take a step back and modify the lock construction by adding spring plungers.

These are small fixture elements with flexible body design that compensate the potential device movements and keeps it precisely in place. They also make the lock more reliable and prevent the situations where you could fracture it by unintentionally applying excessive efforts while mounting the device.

4. Further, the tests have shown that existing configuration of the contact pads may incidentally lead to the unwanted contacts between nearby pins and pads.

While there's low chance of any critical impact on the performance, it is best that we exclude any such contacts in the mass-produced devices.

5. We've revised the configuration of the PCB — it will receive more space for cooling the chip, and as a result, allows for better and trouble proof performance.

Additionally, we've changed how it's affixed to the body shell — in order to maintain its resilience to mechanical shock and vibration.

We positively know that all the modifications we make will make the product better. We did our best to minimize the production schedule shift, but we predict a delay in shipping and the most pessimistic forecast puts us in receiving the ready batch in October.
Jun 18, 2019
1. We have finally received the tooling for all the main components of HUDWAY Drive: the body, the lens, and the mount.

Now, we can start the production of body components as well as major works on the lens. First, there will be rounds of injection tests, and once we approve the sample, it will require a couple of precision iterations.

By the middle of July, we plan to have produced the batch of lenses and send them to the coating factory.

2. By now, we have already produced and received all the small components for the device, like the cigarette lighter adaptor, the cables, and the cable clips.

3. We have also selected the adhesive layer for the HUDWAY Drive mount. For that, we tested a range of solutions based on jelly glue and foam.

The final HUDWAY Drive mount will have a one-time use foam adhesive, since it performs best on various types of surfaces, including very curvy ones. Supplementary mounts are already available for purchase on

4. We've improved the side view cameras: they will receive Sony IMX225 image sensor.

These sensors were developed by Sony for use in industrial applications, and are used, for example, by Ximea, the innovator of small size and high speed cameras. They feature great sensitivity characteristics and allow to produce color images with high picture quality even under dark conditions.

5. On the software side of things, we've finished the development of basic app modules, like visualising calls, notifications, messages, and music on HUD over Bluetooth and are now working on the firmware and OBD-II data processing and visualisation.
May 16, 2019
1. We're working on the lens for HUDWAY Drive and designing the tooling for it.

2. Our devs are now finalising the first demo version of the HUDWAY Drive app for iOS and Android.

We've already implemented processing of notifications (incoming calls, messages and music), and almost finished working on the OBD-II data, on how it's received and visualised on the device.

3. We're working on a customised edition of HUDWAY Drive for Ford F-150 — a built-in one. This means that to install it you will need to cut out a part of the dash — but a reward for such an intervention will be a HUD that looks integral to the vehicle interior.
Delivery schedule
Batch #1 (sold out) — January 2021
Batch #2 (sold out) — March 2021
Batch #3 (sold out) — Fall 2021
Batch #4 (selling now) — Fall 2021