HUDWAY Drive tips and tricks to enjoy the installation and setup

What other drivers typically want to know when purchasing HUDWAY Drive


What other drivers typically want to know when purchasing HUDWAY Drive
Will it fit in and work in my car?

It will, if you have a cigarette lighter outlet to power HUDWAY Drive.

But it is important to make sure it will fit in.

It will for the vast majority of vehicles, but a few models have too slanted a windshield for HUDWAY Drive to fit in with its lens opened at its full 90°.

We suggest that you try out the paper device mockup in your car first. Download it, print, cut out, and take to your car.

Here are the cars where we've tried out HUDWAY Drive and it would not fit in:

  • Audi A3 Premium Plus 2015
  • BMW 3 F30 Series and the like
  • BMW 320 Cabrio
  • Jeep Wrangler 2019
  • Jeep Wrangler JL 2021
  • Honda Civic 2014
  • Honda Insight 2010
  • Honda Ridgeline
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Lexus LX470 2003
  • Mercedes Gelandewagen
  • Mercedes-Benz SLK R172
  • Mitsubishi Evolution 10
  • Toyota Corolla 2002-2003
  • Toyota Corolla Sport Model 2012
  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Previa (Tarago in AU, Estima in JP)
How do I install it?
HUDWAY Drive installation and set up won't take you 5-7 minutes to set it up: stick to the dash, plug in the cigarette lighter power outlet, and hide the cables.

Read the detailed installation guide for small but important nuances.

Fine-tuning things like which notifications to display will take another 5-7 minutes, but it's all pretty straightforward and you'll do it in the app.
What can I see on the HUD?
  • Navigation*
  • Who's calling
  • Track name and artist (if the music is played in Apple Music or Google Music app).
  • Notifications from your calendar, GMail и Apple Mail apps, and 11 messengers.
  • Your car's OBD-II data**

*By default, your HUDWAY Drive will use Bluetoooth to transmit arrow-style directions from HUDWAY Drive app on the HUD. Widgets and notifications also use Bluetooth.

Alternatively, you can have the app mirror your phone screen to the HUD. This way, you can see Waze or Google Maps fullscreen. However, since your screen is mirrored 1:1 to the HUD, all incoming calls and notifications will appear on the HUD in the same way they appear on your phone screen.

**There a few widgets in the app that become available when you plug the enclosed OBD-II scanner to your car OBD-II port and connect it to HUDWAY Drive. You can use your own Bluetooth scanner if you like, just make sure it's an ELM327-based one.
Why will I need my phone and HUDWAY Drive app?
Your HUDWAY Drive device will not work without your smartphone and HUDWAY Drive app.

You'll need the app to find HUDWAY Drive and connect to it, as well as to set up what to display on the HUD — and for the navigatoon to work.

The Drive has no GPS modules, which is why it's the HUDWAY Drive app monitoring your location using your powerful phone electronics. And it's the app that listens to (after you've allowed it) which push notifications are coming and who's calling you — and then sends this data to the Drive.

Also, it's the app that knows when the scanner is connected to unlock OBD-related widgets (for example, RPM, fuel level, or speed).
So, it will work when my phone's in my pocket?

After you've connected your Drive to your smartphone and set up what to display — or, after you've further created a route in the app, you can lock your phone screen and put it on your phone or place it in a dash holder.

If you have previously connected your phone to your car media, it will stay connected to it — and you'll be able to receive to the calls you see on the Drive with your steering wheel buttons.

If your car doesn't support this, we recommend that you keep your phone within your reach (say, in a dash holder), so that you can response to the call if you see it fit.

The Drive has no speakers, mic, or control buttons. You just power it on and off as you plug it in the cigarette lighter outlet and start your car. And as for the settings — you have them all in the app.

Important for Waze and Google Maps fans: Mirroring shuts off when you lock your phone screen. That's why if you're willing to mirror Waze, Google Maps, or anything else to the HUD, you'll need to have your phone screen on — and in landscape position.
If something's not working, or I have questions, where do I contact you at?
We'd be grateful if you email us at Polly and Maria, our customer care superheroes, will do their best to assist you. Whenever in doubt, they double check things with the devs and the rest of the team, so you can be sure you're receiving our most comprehensive advice every time.

Why email?

It's because we may often need some screenshots, photos, or extra information from you. Email threads have been the most convenient way to organized all the communications and materials related to your inquiry.

Alternatively, you can contact us via HUDWAY Drive app. For that, go to its settings and tap Report a bug. These messages are also sent to the abovementioned mailbox monitored by Polly and Maria.
Installation guides
Reading these before you start helps with the process nuances — and the cables :)

Installation guides

Reading these before you start helps with the process nuances — and the cables :)
What we left out of the guides but thought some of you might need
What we left out of the guides but thought some of you might need
Why would I need an OBD-scanner and how do I connect it?
We got a few widgets in the app that only work when you've connected an OBD-II scanner to the Drive.

That's how you'll get your car diagnostic port data displayed on the HUD — things like your car's RPM, voltage, fuel level, instant fuel consumption, cooling and oil temperature.

Enclosed in the Drive box comes an OBD-II scanner you can connect to the Drive.

You can also use your own OBD-II scanner — just make sure it's an ELM 327 one.

To connect the scanner to the Drive:
1. Plug the scanner in the OBD-II port
2. Enter the HUDWAY Drive Device section and toggle on Autoconnect to OBD.

You'll see a note saying that your Drive is now connected to an OBD scanner on the device pic on top of the screen. Now feel free to select the OBD-II widgets in the HUD views editor to have them displayed on the HUD.

IMPORTANT: If you have previously connected the scanner to your phone, go to your phone settings and forget it or unpair it in the list of Bluetooth devices. Otherwise, the Drive will not be able to connect to it.
Does my OBD-II scanner have to be iOS or Android compatible to work with HUDWAY Drive?
It doesn't matter — just make sure it's an ELM 327 OBD-II Bluetooth scanner.

As it's not your phone connecting to the scanner, but the Drive itself, the mobile OS compatibility specs are of no importance.

Please do not connect the scanner to your phone as you normally do with other Bluetooth devices. Instead, connect it to the Drive directly via HUDWAY Drive app.
Can I power my HUDWAY Drive with my head unit?
We wouldn't recommend it, as the Drive has no internal battery to compensate for the power supply hiccups. When these happen, it has to reboot.

Also, the head units typically supply 5V/1А power, whereas depending on the use case and environment (say, for mirroring and when the Drive brightness is set to max) the Drive might consumpotion may peak to 1.4А, which makes the power supplied by the head unit insufficient for the device to operate steadily.
How can I have Waze or Google Maps displayed on the HUD?
You can have any app displayed on the HUD when you enable mirroring in HUDWAY Drive app.

With this, you will see on the HUD exactly what you see on your phine screen. Say, if a notification comes in on top of the navi app, you'll see it on the HUD exactly in the same way.

Screen orientation will also be the same as on your phone — that's why we recommend that you rotate your phone to landscape.

IMPORTANT: Both on iOS and Android mirroring shuts off whenever you lock your phone screen. This is not something we made, it's just how mirroring works by default. That's why you'll need to have your phone screen on to have its contents appear on the HUD.

And here's how you enable mirroring.

On iPhones:

1. Enter HUDWAY Drive app Device section and tap the cog in the top right corner.

2. Scroll down and toggle on Mirroring mode.

3. Go to your phone Settings and turn on Wi-Fi.

4. Select HUDWAY Drive-XXXX in the list of available networks and connect to it.
The password is 87654321.

5. Turn on Screen Recording:
— Pull down from the top right corner of your screen to bring up the Control Center
— Long tap Screen Recording
— Select Drive Broadcast in the list and tap Start Broadcasting.

The app will start broadcasting your phone screen to the HUDWAY Drive.

On Android phones:

1. Enter HUDWAY Drive app Device section and tap the cog in the top right corner.

2. Scroll to the Mirroring mode, tap it and select Via Wi-Fi.

3. Confirm that you permit the app record your screen.

4. Go to your phone Settings > Wi-Fi and connect to HUDWAY Drive network.
The password is 87654321.

The app will start broadcasting your phone screen to the HUDWAY Drive.
I already have a backup camera. How can I connect it to the Drive?
Plug it in the video port of the HUDWAY Drive and connect to the 12V power supply outlet of your choice.

We recommend that you connect it to the positive cable that supplies the power to the reverse light. This way, whenever you select rear gear, your backup cam video will be displayed on the HUD.
I want to have my HUDWAY's backup cam working like a front cam. How do I do it?
We recommend that you connect it to the front cam port of the video selector included in our camera set. This way, you will be able to bring up its video using a joystick — because the front cam has no triggers to be activated.

You can power it from any 12V power outlet — say, from the daytime running lights or position lights power wires.
All about HUDWAY Drive app
What is what and how you can make the most of it

All about HUDWAY Drive app

What is what and how you can make the most of it
How do I set up what to display on the HUD?
Central to HUDWAY Drive app is the Dashboard tab, where you can set up everything about HUDWAY Drive.


First of all, you can set up what widgets you will see on the HUD — speed, directions, trip time, weather, etc. Some of these widgets will only be available for selection when you have connected an OBD-II reader to HUDWAY Drive.

You can display up to three widgets to display on the HUD at once. The widgets you select are grouped in the views.

There are two types of views:

  1. Freeride.
    This sets to display when you haven't set a destination point and created a route.
    You cannot select navigation widget for this view as the app doesn't know where you're heading to.
  2. Navigation.
    This view applies when you have created a route. In this view, the navigation widget will be central, and you can set up other widgets to display to the left and to the right of it.

To set up the widgets to display on the HUD, tap Edit above each view and then scroll between widgets in the editor. To save your selection, simply go back from the editor.


You can minimize the widgets to have them appear in a yet more simplified way on the bottom of the screen. This may be handy for long highway trips when there's not much change in the widgets state.

To minimize widgets, go to the app Dashboard and tap the settings cog in the top right corner. Then toggle on the Minimize Widgets switch.


Scroll down the Dashboard screen to toggle on the messengers and services the notifications from which you would like to receive to the HUD. You will see them sliding in regardless of what widgets you've selected in the views.

For notifications, you can also display how many lines of text will display, and for how long they will stay on the screen.

Please note that views and notifications will not be displayed on the HUD when you start screen mirroring: it is your phone screen that will be rendered on HUD, reardless of whether or not you've created a route.
How do I set up speed limits?
So far, you can only set up them manually: by selecting at which speed the app should alert you.

To set the limit, go to the app Dashboard section, them tap the settings cog in the top right corner, scroll down till Speed Limits, and tap it to enter the limit.

Manual speed limit setting is not forever — we're working to add automatic speed limitations in the next app versions.
Can I use the app without the Drive?
Yes, but in a very limited way.

Since the app's core functionality works only when paired with HUDWAY Drive device, there's little use in its standalone operation.

If you have ever paired your phone with the device and taken rides with the app, you will be able to view trip history even if the two are disconnected at the moment — but logically, not before that.

Similarly, navigation functionality is locked until your first successful pairing attempt.

To get an overview of the app features you can swipe through the onboarding slides that appear in the app when first launched.

There is no subscription cost for downloading and using the app.

If you have any questions to our support team, please email

Here's how we can help with a few issues known to us


Here's how we can help with a few issues known to us
My phone won't find HUDWAY Drive
This may happen if you have previously connected your HUDWAY Drive to another phone which is now somewhere near with its Bluetooth on.

HUDWAY Drive remembers the device you've connected it to, and every next time connects to it automatically.

That's why try disabling Bluetooth in the settings on that other phone, enable it on the needed phone and tap Search again in HUDWAY Drive app.

If there are no other phones nearby, but the app still won't see the Drive or won't connect to it, try removing the Drive fron the list of the Bluetooth devices known to your phone.

For that, quit the Drive app and:

— on your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap ⓘ icon next to HUDWAY Drive and then Forget this device.
— on your Android phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap HUDWAY Drive in the list of paired devices, and then tap Unpair*.

*Depending on your Android phone model, the actual steps may differ. Say, on Samsung you'll need to go ti Settings > Connections > Bluetooth, tap the settings icon next to HUDWAY Drive and then tap Unpair in the bottom of the screen.
The Android app stops working when minimized. What do I do?
When you minimize HUDWAY Drive app on your Android phone, you may see that directions, speed, and everything else related to navigation lags.

To resolve this, please go to your Android phone Settings > All apps > Drive, and set it to Don't optimize.*

This happens because starting Android 8.0, the firmware manufacturers (Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, Asus, etc.) introduced new battery optimization opportunities which are by default enabled for the apps you install from Google Play.

This mostly affects location-related services, and downloading files when the app is minimized.

*Depending on your phone manufacturer, the actual path to disable battery optimization for the Drive app may vary. Luckily, there are workarounds for nearly every version. Find it for yours here:

My iPhone notifications no longer appear on HUDWAY Drive
This may be due to iOS specifics of working with Bluetooth and notifications.

Please reset the connection between your iPhone and HUDWAY Drive as follows:

  1. Quit the app.

  2. Access your iPhone Settings > Bluetooth.

  3. Tap HUDWAY Drive in MY DEVICES list, and then tap Forget This Device.

  4. Launch HUDWAY Drive app. The app may still remember the device so you won't need to search for it.

  5. When the app has recognised the device, it will prompt you to pair with it. Allow it to pair, and then allow all the permissions required.

If this won't help, please email us at

I can't update my HUDWAY Drive
If anything goes wrong during the update process, the app will alert you on the problem.

This may happen when:

  • You're offline.
    Make sure there's no problem with Internet connection, and the app is allowed to use your mobile data.
    On iPhones, you can toggle it on in Settings > Mobile data; on Android devices — in Settings > Mobile Data > HUDWAY Drive App).

  • The app can't reach the server.
    This sometimes happens when the host is down, but it's typically a very short-time problem, and all you need is to wait a few minutes and then give another try.

  • You've run out of space on your smartphone.
    Typically, the app will inform you on the update size, so it's a good idea to make sure there's enough storage.
    On iPhones, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage; on Android devices — to Settings > Device care > Storage (the actual path will depend on your phone model).

  • There's indeed some internal problem with the server or the app.
    If the app repeatedly fails to update the device firmware, please email us at for help.
My car speedo reads faster than HUDWAY Drive says. Is it OK?
Yes, it's OK.

Typically, the GPS speedometers are more accurate than those in the vehicle. The former tell the speed based on purely mathematical calculations (how much time it takes you to move from one opsition to another), the latter rely on the measurements of the wheels or driveshaft rotation, and then apply a bit of math.

That's why in case with car navs, things like wheel diameter and tyre pressure are factored in. Plus, it's a normal practice with car manufacturers to calibrate the speedometers to show the speed being higher than it actually is.

Here are a few good sources to learn more about why these differences arise:

Warranty & returns
Here's what to do if the Drive didn't meet your expectations

Warranty & returns

Here's what to do if the Drive didn't meet your expectations
How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
We warrant that the HUDWAY Drive will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of delivery.

We hope you understand that we do not warrant against:

  • Normal wear and tear or other cosmetic damage (say, scratches and the like)
  • Damage caused by accident, abuse, acts of nature, or other external causes (say, if it's crashed after you drop it)
  • Damage caused by modifications or alterations of the device without prior written permission by HUDWAY, including without limitation modifications or alterations by unauthorized service providers (say, if you decide to repair it yourself or ask your friend to do it)
  • Damage caused by connections to cables not supplied by HUDWAY (this rarely happens)
  • Damage caused by a vehicle and/or mobile device to which the device is connected (this happens almost never).
Contact us to find the best way out together: we can repair or replace the item, or refund you.
How do I return it?


We accept returns for defect-free items for 30 days since the delivery date.

If 30 days have gone by since the delivery date, unfortunately, we can't offer you a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a return of a defect-free item, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. All accessories originally included with your purchase must be included with your return.

If you request a refund for a defect-free item, the purchase price (excluding original delivery charges) will be refunded to you using the original payment method, once we have received the returned item back and confirmed that it meets conditions above, so make sure you post it back to us in good time.

Please carefully pack your return, as we cannot issue refunds for items damaged due to poor packaging of a return.

Please also note that we do not reimburse the expenses you carry to ship the defect-free item back to us.

Once we've received and inspected the return, we'll email to advise on when we refund you.


Damage claims must be reported to within 30 days of delivery and prior to returning the item.


If there's a problem with the item, email us at

Attaching some photos or videos will help us understand how we can help — we can either send you over some components, or get you a new device and pick up the faulty one.


There are certain situations where we reserve the right to grant only partial refunds or reject a refund:

  • Any item that is not in its original condition, is damaged or has missing parts for reasons not due to our error;
  • Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery.


Please note that we can only return your money to your original method of payment.
If the card you used to purchase the items has expired, please let us know this when applying for the refund.
Are there any exchanges?
We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, email us at